QComicBook 0.9.0 is available!

Delayed a lot, but it's finally here. New release QComicBook brings two notable internal changes:
-- switch to QGraphicsView, leading to more lightweight and flexible implementation of page handli (...)
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Translations are now held on Transifex

QComicBook translations are now coordinated via - a web-based localization platform that makes it very easy for developers a (...)
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New web hosting, new domain

After two years with and numerous issues with their hosting I finally made the effort of switching web hosting of QComicBook and my home site. This web si (...)
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QComicBook 0.8.2 released

New bugfix-only release is now available - grab the source tarball from the Download section.

Support QComicBook - buy an ad!

QComicBook is a free software that doesn't bring me any profits (well, except for fun of course) - actually it costs me money on web hosting. Here is a new way for you to support QComicBook website & d (...)
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